For Vic Mensa's latest track, expect a couple of surprises:

Firstly, Eliza Doolittle is on the track, and guess what? You won't want to pull your own hair out! Secondly, it features the incredible DJ Dahi production that we first heard on 'Bout It Bout It' by Freddie Gibbs last year.

'YNSP' isn't quite as strong as say 'Time Is Money', or 'Hollywood LA', but he set the bar so high with those that it was always going to be tough. Plus, 'Bout It Bout It' has been played so many times at 405HQ that it's hard to listen to this track without hearing Gibbs' gravelly style over the beat. However, Mensa is still on course to take back the crown when INNANETAPE is released on September 30th.

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