A couple of weeks ago we shared 'This Morning, Yesterday', the delicate introduction to Keren Ilan, a Vietnamese songwriter based in Tel Aviv. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the opportunity to listen to the whole of her This Morning, Yesterday EP, ahead of its official release on Friday.

The 4-track set starts off with the previously aired title track 'This Morning, Yesterday', which introduces us to Keren Ilan's deft world view and poetic songwriting abilities. However, the rest of the tracks reveal many more facets of the newcomer. 'Take Her Down' is an emphatic and confident pop rock song, almost the inverse of the title track, where Ilan comes out punching; she's audibly fired up, making the track a resounding success. 'Lost' shifts back towards her more contemplative side, finding Ilan spouting her worries and stresses into a net of washed-out guitars and blissful atmosphere, which is then subsumed in more fraught sounds, again showing that Ilan has musical depth beyond her relative inexperience. This Morning, Yesterday ends with 'Let Go / Heavy', a song that drifts steadily from a low moment up into an assertive expression of Ilan's conflicted feelings, reclaiming her power and commanding "I think it's time for you to let go."

Overall, we couldn't recommend This Morning, Yesterday any higher. It's an extremely exciting introduction to a fascinating new artist, and we suggest you get stuck in right away:

Keren Ilan's debut EP This Morning, Yesterday will see official release on her Bandcamp, Spotify and other DSPs this Friday, August 23rd - but you can continue listening to it here all week.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.