Vomitface have been described as avant-grunge and black-surf, and they've taken their shot at a cover of Kate Bush's 'Sat In Your Lap'. It's obviously quite a bit different than the original but that's what gives it its charm. It's rough in all the best ways with gritty guitar riffs and in-your-face vocals that are reminiscent of Jeremy Enigk or even Rivers Cuomo at times. It's as dirty as their name, but it's so intriguing and unique that you'll find yourself pressing the 'play' button over and over again. They have a few tour dates coming up on the east coast, and you can view all of those below.

  • Tour Dates:
  • June 7 - Lucky 7 - Jersey City, NJ
  • June 9 - Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY
  • July 26 - Velvet Lounge - Washington DC

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