The time for intertwining genres is now. The VON GREY sisters have known that for a while.

The trio of Kathryn, Annika, and Fiona, hail from Atlanta, Georgia, and they've been on a steady rise, catching the ears of new fans all across the aisles. And with influences ranging from St. Vincent to Meat Loaf, the band knows how to use the best elements from various genres, blending them together to make something fantastic. Case in point, ‘Hearse’.

Sonically, ‘Hearse’ is an electronic take on an alt-country ballad. The intro/ interludes and verses sound modern because there is an electro-pop coating. But with the sway that’s there - you know when everything is stripped away - it’s a ratty acoustic doing the strumming. This is why the chorus works so well. The large chorus and pulsating beats are reminiscent of Bright Eyes at their most digital.

‘Hearse’s’ bridge deserves its own separate piece. This is where VON GREY break that fourth wall. It manages to sound from another era and modern all at once. It’s this melding that should get you excited.

When it comes to the lyrics, VON GREY had this to say: “Hearse is a song that deals with emotional exhaustion. The continual desire to care for and attend to somebody’s needs, even when it eats away at your own emotional health. Hearse talks about the double-edged blade of selflessness and desire. It has been one of our favorites to sing and perform since its conception, and we hope listening to it makes you feel something.”

And I think there’s no denying how much ‘Hearse’ will make everyone feel.