'Voyage/Lightyears' sounds like what you'd get if you tried to build an R&B song from an interlude track on a Space Rock album, and when Sunni Colón sings lines like, "some say we're from the stars, one day we'll live on mars, if we came from outer space, then how far are we away?"- it's hard to believe that was an accident.

He leaves this little descriptor on his track: 'When a riveting moment captures the feeling of ataraxia'. For those of you who don't have your dictionary handy, Ataraxia is a feeling of calmness or a peace of mind. Colon uses the secrets as representations of his own mind - he's not interested in grand concepts, he's interested in nothingness, and with 'Voyage/Lightyears', he casts himself adrift into a unexplored abyss of utter tranquillity.

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