A lovely slice of sounds now from Voyager, a Norwegian musicmaker based in Oslo. It comes from his latest self-release called Miao, a three-song EP that is as brimming with pastel colours, chilled atmospheres, and a few samples from games, including Navi's incessant "Hey!" (from Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and Yoshi doing his down+B move in Super Smash Bros. That's just how I do yo.

Um let's focus on the title track for now. 'Miao' is punctuated with cutesy vox samples, providing the melody for the most part, as understated drums give a cloud-like structure for the track's foundations. Rich synth chords drive through like rainbow pathways, breaking up later in the song, fading achingly in and out, joined by life-affirming strings and a subtle popping melody. Add those aforementioned game samples and you're simmering in a mini paradise right here.

You gotta check out the EP, which is also a free download. Get it! Tell all your friends!

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