New York-based artist collective and label Godmode continues its immaculate run with 'White Lies', the latest single off new duo Gioia's forthcoming self-titled debut EP. The collaborative project of Godmode boss Nick Sylvester and Ivana Carrescia (aka Eddi Front), from what 'White Lies' and first single 'Circling' shows us, Gioia seems like a duo concerned with both the experimental potential of hardware-based electronica and the pure emotional power of vocal pop music.

Set against a bed of wooozy, wobbly rhythmscapes and bubbling cyborg-melodics, Ivana's faded vocals stretch out to the distance, angelic tonality giving way to a darker, deeper sense of lyrical menace. Add in what sounds like android Gregorian chanting and a heightened sense of electricity-induced techno paranoia on the last third, and you have a compelling and powerful study in how synth experimentation and pop accessibility can not only live together, but speak to something bigger than a four-minute song.

Gioia is due for release on June 10. You can purchase 'White Lies'here.