Unless you're thinking of the Chicago Bulls, the group The Bulls might not ring a bell - however, the names involved in the project definitely should be. Anna Bulbrook, a multi-instrumentalist who contributes violin, keys, and backing vocals to The Airborne Toxic Event, has teamed up with guitarist Marc Sallis of The Duke Spirit, and their latest single 'Come Unwound' has a brand new remix courtesy of White Sea, or Morgan Kibby of M83.

Kibby and Bulbrook have been friends for quite some time, as she explained that "I've known Morgan from when we were babies, before the M83 days. She's one of the first people I ever wrote music with, and she has always encouraged me to keep going. When I heard her remix of this song, with her inimitable orchestration and especially the part where she added her voice to mine, I might have cried a little bit. Her take on it is so beautiful; I only wish I'd thought of it." The resulting remix is a gorgeous piece of music with swelling strings and a retro, cascading synth beat that pushes the track forward without seeming too overbearing on top of Bulbrook's angelic vocals. Stream the remix below, and you can pick up the single on iTunes at the link below!

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