When Willis Earl Beal first came into the spotlight, he was presented with plenty of criticism for his "underdeveloped" sound, especially considering the level of hype he received.

"The internet is like a disease man and because it's so exciting that these things are happening to me, considering where I came from," Beal explained to us last year. "I google myself on the internet and when people say something bad, it changes the way I feel about my art."

Despite the rather mixed reviews for Acousmatic Sorcery - an album which he finished a long time before its release - the running theme was that he had something special. Now, with the release of Nobody knows. the question on everyone's lips is, 'has he nailed it?' Well, we believe so - but thanks to NPR you can listen to it right now ahead of its release on September 9th via Hot Charity. Let us know what you think.