Since she first emerged as part of Doprah in 2014, New Zealand musician, vocalist and film composer Indira Force has had one of the most convincing voices within the sprawling trip-hop/downbeat revival we’ve experienced in recent years. The terms trip-hop and downbeat are red herrings here though, because, in the tradition of avant-garde art-pop star Björk, Indi seems to have a musical vision that is bigger than specific bands, genres, styles or movements. And if her work in Doprah initially located her within a trip-hop/downbeat space, Indira quickly showed her scope and range through her celestial ambient collaborations with Anita Clark as New Dawn, film soundtrack composition pieces, experimental pop working solo as Indi.

Of late, Indira has been working towards her debut solo album as Indi, Precipice. Self-produced, it features a mixture of electronic and orchestral arrangements, as set against Indria’s expansive and frosty vocals in a snowy, cinematic style. Describing ancient worlds, night terrors, and expansive natural surroundings, Precipice explores themes of innocence, death, and the subconscious.

This week, she brings us this much closer to Precipice’s September 22 release with her new single ‘Woman.’ In Indira’s words, “'Woman' was written immediately after waking up from a dream. It reflects on the female reproductive system, specifically the uterus, as a source of both pain and life. It is an abrasive power anthem for the initially rejected womb that has been reclaimed.” Mixing a ruptured electronic pulse with translucent voice, windswept, wintery arrangements and frosty piano, ‘Woman’ is a compelling reminder of Indira’s capabilities, one that well and truly delivers on the promise of her early releases with Doprah.

You can pre-order Precipice here.