'Lost in your Own Home' is the latest single from quasi-orchestral gloom merchants Wooden Arms. It features a Rachmaninoff-esque piano chord bashing over off-kilter time signatures reminiscent of Pink Floyd's 'Money'. Lyrically driven by lead vocalist Alex Carson, it weaves in and out of surrealist imagery and modern banality.

The single is perfectly accompanied by an offbeat, Kafka-inspired video that portrays childhood demons promptly banished with toothbrushes. At points it touches on 'Venus in Furs' by the Velvet Underground with its warbling, wonky, double-stopped violins but keeps just the right line of art pop. Peppered with a dark playfulness and grotesquery, 'Lost in your Own Home' is a triumph in multi-genre mastery. Wooden Arms latest album Trick of The Light is available on Fierce Panda Records.

Watch below.