Ah this is glorious! It sounds like standing at the edge of life's unfolding hours with a smile on your face - the acceptance of our temporary pleasures, the simple wonder of what-am-I-going-to-do-today, the potential energy of all our days.

Too deep? STFU. This is Wunder Wulf, from Norwich – there's a pretty impressive castle in Norwich - and his track 'YUR'. Honestly, it's really as life-affirming as I'm making it out to be. Playful notes in pentatonic scale splash around with complex sun-kissed percussion and aqueous noodles of synth to a booming, off-rhythm beat.

It's seasoned with a grandness that thunders out from the rolling bass drums and crashing cymbals - a glossy marching-band chic that can only survive in this kind of popcorn-textured, candy-coloured juke music. I mean, saying "sounds a bit like Cashmere Cat" is just not constructive is it? Comparison is fine, but actually interminably tedious. Long live yourself!