In a recent interview with The 405's Eleonora Collini, Jenn Wasner explained a little about Shriek's departure from Civilian:

"After touring for two years we finally went home and took some time for ourselves, then when I began writing again it become clear that guitar had acquired a lot of negative baggage over those two years. For that reason it was like a block for me. I was trying to get myself into a healthy space again to be creative and just needed to move away from of all that baggage which was associated with the guitar itself. This band has always been my main songwriting vehicle, but it has never been about the guitar, it has always been about the songs, so in a lot of ways what we do now is pretty much the same."

This is when the obligatory 'if you liked their last album, you're in for a surprise' text should come in, but in reality there should be no surprise when it comes down to the quality of what you're about to hear. And you should do just that.

Listen to Wye Oak's new album, Shriek, below courtesy of NPR. The album is released on April 28th via City Slang (29th in America by Merge Records).

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Before 2. Shriek 3. The Tower 4. Glory 5. Sick Talk 6. School Of Eyes 7. Despicable Animal 8. Paradise 9. I Know The Law
  • 10. Logic Of Color
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