There is a small wood on the hill behind my house, I guess it's probably a collection of trees, a copse or something. If you walk across the fields to it, leaving the footpath behind, and you follow the edge of the wood to its opposite side, you can find peace. There you can spin around three hundred and sixty degrees and not see any sign of human intervention. It's all just trees and brambles and long yellow grass that is green and always damp at this time of year spreading off into the distance. No matter what is happening in my life, whatever everyday trauma is taking over my view of the world, I can go there and forget about it. I can lose myself in the knowledge that I am privileged to live and breath in the first place. If it's all just a happy accident then none of it matters, at least not enough to be stressed about - to forget it - but maybe just enough to deal with it all with a clear head.

'Yannina' is that place. It's a quiet moment of reflection amongst all the noise. Jake Houlsby used to make music as Suntrapp before getting a little lost and taking some time to just live, thankfully he carried on making music, returning with the Yannina EP (Released on the 8th of June). It's a little more world weary but I'm thankful for that too. I can listen to 'Yannina' when the modern world hustles me from the knowledge that it's all just a happy accident, that none of it matters enough to ruin yourself over, it matters just enough to deal with a clear head. They say that it is as important to rest as it is to work, and listening to this, with all its quiet revelations, I think they might be right.