A fun roller coaster through a beach resort slash nightclub stunningly situated on a piece of the world scooped out from Earth and sent to orbit Mars: the Tropicosphere. Whatever, I'm sure there's a better name for it. Anyway that's what's up with this track, bizarrely named 'Furby Mantra', from Yarinka Collucci, a seapunk musician from somewhere (Las Vegas, allegedly).

It's awash with syncopated steel-pan-esque chords and camouflaged vocal samples, early '00s dance mashed with French touch flavours, with galloping hi-hats and cosmic flutes fluttering high like the cyber dragons they've created to fly in loops around the Tropicosphere, a little touch to make the experience more magical – especially since floating around in Earthspheres is pretty much the done thing these days. Always innovating! And they got a dope solarium here, too.

Um, if you liked the track you can download it for free. If you REALLY liked it, you can buy it.