There's a serious crop of outstanding new talent coming out of Brooklyn lately, and one of the first artists to grab our attention was Yellerkin. They released their debut self-titled EP earlier in the year, and today marks their return with a new song 'Tools'. The duo, Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati, have crafted one hell of an indie-pop jam that's mastered the art of the build-up. It begins quietly enough, with a sound similar to that on Yellerkin - pretty lo-fi but still catchy enough to be accessible - and then it blossoms into a completely different version of its former self at exactly 3 minutes in with a massive hook and driving drums that turn it into something better suited for the dance floor.

"Tools is a kind of anthemic generational song, but one that toes the line between triumph and tragedy", vocalist Adrian Galvin explained in a press release. "This song is about our limitations; how fucked up it is that we are the generation that bought into all the crap our parents protested against in the 70's!"

Listen below.

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