There's something inherently warm about nostalgia, particularly when it's based around moving on. The new single from Wisconsin native Johanne Swanson, aka Yohuna, features this in abundance and, as such, wraps you up in something altogether quite comforting.

'Apart' is the first release from Yohuna since her 2011 EP Revery so, for those chomping at the bit for more music, it's been a hell of a wait. Luckily she is back and the chanteuse's penchant for the delicate and often intimate has not wavered. Everything feels light and dreamy, from the lounge-like snare rhythm to Swanson's swirling vocals with the added warmth from the synths. It's a tender and comforting return for Yohuna; hopefully we won't be waiting too long for more this time!

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