Making sure the trend for excellent producers getting younger by the day doesn't change, FACT informs us that the 16-year-old xxyyxx has dropped a remix of this year's definitive pop song: Usher x Diplo's 'Climax'.

Showing a maturity beyond his years - not just in the musical sense, the producer's remix was originally taken down from SoundCloud following a copyright infringement report. He had this to say:

"So somebody reported my Usher remix and said it was against copyright law, it was taken down. I'll have them know that is completely legal, Usher hosted the stems for free for a remix competition. The soundcloud downloads are FREE and I am not making a profit off of it in any way. It's completely legal especially under the fair use law, some people really need to grow up."

For someone barely in his teens to take a stand against something like this is admirable, but what's even more so is the quality of the remix itself. The silky-smooth original has been turned into a funky slice of disco pie, revelling in the deepest basslines whilst maintaining a crisp post-dubstep edge, as well as the sexiness of the original.

Be prepared to move your body before you click play on the stream below.