First time Vermillion Sands crossed my path they were opening for Dum Dum Girls and well, I was much more impressed by them than by Dee Dee’s crew. Once I got home from the gig, I googled ‘em and found out that these guys had already released stuff on labels like Sacred Bones and Alien Snatch!

Vermillion Sands are now back with an interesting 7” (out on italian Shit Music For Shit People) featuring a track for the summer season on one side, a track for winter on the other one. We choose ‘Summer Melody’ over ‘A Sweet Bitter Winter’ because it’s (still) cold outside and many of us 405ers are ill, and we really don’t like being ill.

‘Summer Melody’ is indeed a wonderful milkshake of catchy 60s pop, creamy fuzz-filled garage guitars and country licks. Throw those handkerchiefs away, guys!