Hit that mid-week wall of depression, where you don’t think you’re gonna make it to the weekend? Have a listen to Holy Other’s remix of WALLS’ ‘Sunporch’ to remedy the situation. As ambitious as it is to remix a track that’s originally from a band who won Mojo’s ‘Best Electronic Album’ award only a year ago, Holy Other have done a brilliant job, transforming the single into a deep, more minimalist piece of electronica.

Gone is the bass line and the intermittent guitars; instead off-beat hand claps permeate the thick soundscape as everything gets slowed down, so that you can appreciate every sound that little bit more.

Some of the best remixes are those which only change the minutiae in a song, but manage to create something entirely different from it. Holy Other has gone for a total overhaul, and practically taken ‘Sunnporch’ into its next stage of evolution, to stand alongside the original without treading on any toes.