Title pic by Tim Boddy for The 405

The best chillwave out there is the stuff where you think "God damn it, I don't care that people that listen to this wear boat shoes and rolled up chinos and take hipstermatic shots on their iPhones of Shoreditch looking pretty and tag their outfits on facebook whenever they go out, this is tasty shit". Chillwave is a bit like good 80's indie music - you gotta wade through leigons of half remembered Smiths lyric tattoos, endure a bit of Sisters Of Mercy and guys wearing make up a la Robert Smith to get to 'Meat Is Murder' and 'Disintergration'. And Earnest Greene's moniker Washed Out is tearing Chillwave a new proverbial right now. To prove it, he's just recorded this amazing little number for the folks over at Yours Truly. Listen below.

Washed Out - Far Away (yourstru.ly version) by yourstrulysf