Get listening to the sleeping-titan-slowly-awakening sounds of Parisian electronic outfit, Bloum. This is 'Faith' - and its starkly striking video.

What begins as a somewhat murky, laid-back, post-night out affair, with super-slow subverted funk bass, shakers, punchy drums, a waterfall trickle of glittery synth, the occasional stab of whammy-bar-inflected guitar and chilled, reverbing vocals, gradually changes into a menacing electro track; grinding synth crushes all around it in a squelch of darkwave-flavoured architecture, ornamented with female vocals and a flood of feeling that puts you in mind of the immortal aesthetics of Drive.

From the Faith EP – out now on equally Parisian label, Animal Records – it features just this one song accompanied with four remixes by Worakls (lengthy atmospheric techno treatment); Vendredi (quirky & stripped-back future-groove version); Nhar (weirdly chilled electro reworking); and Eggo (virtuosically progressive remix).