Earlier in the year, it was reported that Flying Lotus and Thundercat were set to work on a new theme tune for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the insanely weird Adult Swim series which focuses around the adventures of three anthropomorphic fast food items, including an excitable meatball. It's pretty surreal and, for its tenth season, which began this past weekend, the show has renamed itself Aqua TV Show Show (after deciding to change its title after year since the eighth season when the creators got bored with the original which led to the great season nine title Aqua Something You Know Whatever).

Coming off the back of Thundercat's critically acclaimed second album, Apocalypse, which was released this year, this is not the first time FlyLo and Thundercat have collaborated. FlyLo worked production on Thundercat's first album and Thundercat was a session musician (and occasional featured artist) on both Cosmogramma and last year's Until The Quiet Comes. With a pretty strong working relationship, the two have come up with a theme song which pretty much encapsulates how weird Aqua TV Show Show actually is while also showing off the nu-jazz influences that are apparent in both musicians' work.

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