I'm a big fan of re-works, especially if they are completely bonkers. Anyone can take a riff or a vocal sample and make that the whole premise for their reinvention, but it takes a certain oddball (or group of) to reimagine a song so far as to be totally different, yet still keeping what made the original so utterly ace.

LUXXURY has done just that, with a woozy, bliss kissed edit of perennial Mum pleasing disco gem 'Night Fever'. This is akin to Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve on less psychedelics, rubbing shoulders with Larry Levan.

It's part Balearic shimmer, part NYC fuck-pop, all dance.

The beat never deviates, as is the golden rule of disco. The high end on the vocals is etched with enough reverb to send you into a state of frenzy. There's the cheekiest guitar stab, piercing through, reminding you to keep dancing. Los Angeles' edit queen Baron von Luxxury takes all the fat off the track, leaving you with a sleek, sexy dance floor beast.

This is almost as good as his re-work of 'Vogue'; enjoy the glamour.