Victoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots, has announced that she'll be releasing a new album called Working Girl on 10th July via her own label, On Repeat. It's her third album, and arrives after her much-anticipated EP that arrived at the end of last year, Business Pleasure.

Speaking about the forthcoming release, Hesketh explained some of the ideas behind it.

"The album's inspired by my journey from the beginning to the present, where I am essentially CEO of my own business and run an independent label. It's also fun and empowering to turn the traditional associations of 'working girl' on their head."

She's also shared a track from Working Girl, a breezily cutesy, blooping and percussion-heavy number called 'Better In The Morning' – stream it below. Personally I can barely even breathe in the morning, so it's not true for everybody.

Feel free to pre-order the album here if you should be so inclined.

  • Working Girl tracklist:
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Working Girl
  • 3. No Pressure
  • 4. Get Things Done
  • 5. Taste It
  • 6. Real Girl
  • 7. Heroine
  • 8. Interlude
  • 9. The Game
  • 10. Help Too
  • 11. Business Pleasure
  • 12. Paradise
  • 13. Better In The Morning