Little Deadman are from San Diego. This track of theirs, 'Shooting Seagull', has hints of the beachy vibe one might expect of a band from that town. However, Little Deadman's sound suggests something a little more sinister than some of that other fun-in-the-sunshine-indie-lo-fi stuff that's been so popular these last few years.

There's some darkness to what Little Deadman do; "I've been close to the fire," as one lyric goes, "shooting seagulls with our smiles," "looking for a fight," as some more go. In a way, 'Shooting Seagulls' suggests some shadows casting over the sandier utopias of late. When the guitar jangle gives way to the squealing vortex of a chorus, it's clear there's some angst here. It's as if the happy beach hippy is finally getting a proper dose of Dylan or something. "Shooting Seagulls" is available as a 7" release from Single Screen Records.