The year 2006 caught up with me as I looked through the list of promos this week and saw the Little Glitches E.P at the bottom. I knew I just had to revisit this amazing psychedelic outfit, who are the folk equivalent of Midnight Juggernauts. It felt euphoric to get reacquainted with Little Glitches' music. I especially received a shot of nostalgia when I heard the wailing vocals and the pulsating wah effect of the guitar in the introduction to 'All This Time'. Each song is like a form of energy being transferred, with each instrument being a different form; the acoustic guitar develops into an organ on a constant flow, while accompanied by the voices that constantly fade in and out like echoes. Think back to a song or album that you've long since heard, but haven't even considered revisiting and think again. The results can be very rewarding.