Moving from strength to strength with absolute fluidity is London's Little Simz, who has just announced that she'll be putting out a new album called Grey Area on March 1st through her own imprint Age 101. In conjunction with the announcement she's shared the new song 'Slefish'.

The new song finds her teaming up with West London's Cleo Sol, who brings some soul to 'Selfish', while Simz takes off on her unbridled flow. Intertwining with one another, Simz and Sol bring a perfect light/dark dichotomy to 'Selfish', rolling with ease around each other over the loping bass. Simz is typically smooth in her flow, sounding as confident as ever, heedless of what proclaiming her selfishness might mean to others. All of this seems to indicate that Grey Area will be another great step forward for the prodigious young star.

Little Simz Grey Area is out on March 1st through Age 101.