Massachusetts-based surf pop group Littlefoot has only been around for a few years, yet the band has already grown by leaps and bounds. Started as the solo project of Erica Sutherland, the group is now a fully-fleshed out four-piece capable of delivering tightly crafted slices of songcraft. This gift on full display on the band's delightful new LP, Lavender, which is premiering today through The 405 ahead of its Nov. 17 release.

Now composed of Sutherland (vocals/guitar/keys), Dash Lunde (guitar), Zy Baer (bass), and Matt Liset (drums), Littlefoot's Lavender is like a warm blanket as we dive into the colder months. The sounds all sound like a grasp for the summertime, but Sutherland's forlorn vocals and lyrics offer a melancholy for all seasons.

Baer and Liset play an understated role in the whole process, offering tight and foundational rhythms on each and every track. Dash Lunde's mysterious and evocative guitar lines all showcase a clear talent and help to elevate each track. But Sutherland remains the star of the show with her intoxicating vocals and her clear knack for shaping the emotionality of each and every track.

Littlefoot's 2014 debut, Night Of The Living Dreams, is a solid album. But Lavender is a tremendous leap forward in almost every measurable way. And, if there is any justice in this world, Lavender will put Littlefoot on the radar of listeners all over the world. This is a pretty fucking good record, folks.