For a song entitled 'Groove It Out' I would expect some proper groovesomeness, and thankfully it doesn't disappoint. This is a single from a musicmaker making music under the name LoneLady. A name we haven't heard in quite a few years.

The fragmented funk-pop-disco of this track is awash with cowbell tinkering and shivering hi-hats, insectoid above the sweeps of funk guitar and reverbing vocals of the songmaker herself. As much as being a dance track it is an exercise in cut-up style layering of sounds, with different synth sounds coming in here and there, different guitar parts erupting at different times, in a constantly architectural, somewhat retro approach to dance music. Take a groove and run with it. That's it. Groove it the fuck out.

This is available on 12" and digitally 17th November on Warp Records. Pre-order here. There will be an album in 2015, so stay tuned.

Discovery: Speaking of which, imagine if Drake got a groovesome funky disco reworking… Oh, it already happened to 'Worst Behaviour' thanks to Saint Pepsi. You'll ❤ it.