Fickle Friends - 'Crybaby' (Leeds Uni Refectory - 6:45pm)

One of the most hardworking bands we've had the privilege of getting to know. They tread the line between pop and indie better than you can imagine, and when 'Crybaby' drops in their live set, you best be wearing your dancing shoes or else you're going to get blisters!

The Big Moon - 'Cupid' (Brudenell Social Club - 10pm)

The Big Moon are a band where each part is as essential as the next. The way that their cohesive arrangements are brought together always leaves me wanting to dissect every section to unlock it's magic. It's just wonderful songwriting.

Bad Sounds - 'Meat On My Bones' (The Lending Room - 10pm)

I saw Bad Sounds wreak havoc at a sweaty London show last year. The soundscape they cover is admirable as heck. Not to mention the synchronised Kung Fu moves on display (that's right, Kung Fu). I burnt more calories that night dancing than I have ever done at a show before.

Marsicans - 'Friends' (Leeds Uni Stylus - 5:15pm)

Marsicans are a band that we feel have shared a similar journey to us and therefore have become our adopted kindred spirits. Their latest track 'Friends' is a huge anthem! I kick myself every morning for not having written it!

LIFE - 'Popular Music' (Leeds Beckett Stage 2 - 2pm)

Another band with a live set that has the ability to punch you in throat - in the best way possible. Constantly on the road and working, it's amazing to see how much buzz they're getting after supporting Slaves on their last tour.

Clean Cut Kid - 'Leaving You Behind' (Leeds Uni Refectory - 8:15pm)

They are beautiful people that we’ve the pleasure of supporting on their upcoming tour after becoming internet buddies. Always a great live set. I shall be bringing a pack of throat sweets along to the festival because there is absolutely no chance that my voice will be intact after their set.

Live at Leeds takes place across Leeds on Saturday 29th April. Tickets are available here. Looking for more bands to see? Check out our preview here. Get Inuit play The Key Club at 8:15pm. Their new single, 'All My Friends', is out soon.