The 405 LIVE Great Escape Impressions
Keep checking back for the most up-to-the-minute TGE 2010 coverage that you're likely to find on ye olde interwebz* Danny: 10:30 - Just woken up. It's cold and grey outside. Off to get food and then check out Oslo's Simon Says No at about 1. Oli: 10:56 - En route! Kaylea: 14:55 - Calories - either have got 1000 x better than when I first saw them or I was in 2 REALLY bad mood Oli: 14:59 - funeral party from LA, awesome vocals, melodic. Bit like Head Automatica. Kaylea: 15:10 - Thought as much. Funeral Party ! Bit bloody good, haha Danny: 15:52 - Nullifier. Billed as indie space disco. Would like them to stay in space please. Too deliberately zany and lacking any real dynamics. Shame, because could be fun. Danny: "Yeah, smart casual fits me like a glove" Danny: 16:42 - The James Cleaver Quintet. There are 5 of them. thrash, a little punk, lots of tattoos and no real structure to speak of. Raucous enough but bland. Kaylea: 20:03 - Cheesy porn music on Brighton pier. On the actual pier, not Jamaica at Horatios Danny: 20:10 - Judging by how absolutely rammed Revenge is, The Ruby Suns are a big draw. Excited but squashed... Love their album so much but can't hear the vocals live - So frustrating! :( Kaylea: 20:27 - Feldberg are the band I wish i'd discovered here. Truly unique sound. Audio definitely not packed enough. Danny: 20:31 - Omfg two songs because of technical problems? Immeasurable horseshit. Oli: 20:34 - The Ruby Suns... More like The Ruby One Song. I don't know... I got nothing. Like they had almost nothing... Danny: 21:30 - Japanroids struggled with tech problems like Ruby Suns but still managed to thrash out an awesome, passionate set. Heroes! she has wet hair say what you will... Danny: 22:36 - Avi Buffalo are so young! Slightly sombre, fluid tone and melody shifts, high pitched, melodic long beach pop. Danny: 23:06 - Summer Camp now. This sankey in her leopard print looks strung out and sounds it a little too. Sunny 60's stylings not too offensive though. Opinion not formed. Danny: 23:18 - Opinion formed. If this was tighter it would be great but at this loose is frustrating and the synth tones are really grating, too saccharine. Kaylea: 23:39 - Danny doing his Ruby Suns dance. You have to see it to believe it... Friday Danny: 16:00 - Othello Woolf. Refreshingly funky, great voice, playing on an open 2nd story platform in Beyond Retro with the sun on our backs. Love it.