Last week, it felt like the world was burning and all we could do was watch through screens and pixels as news reports flashed with more devastating news. Thankfully, the weekend came and some of us could log-off and out of the seemingly toxic digital spaces, attempting to find a little clarity and peace at music festivals or through earbuds or on the front lines, facing issues head on.

Thankfully, Monday is off to a good start with a number of new sonic and visual deliveries offering some good vibes and even better melodies. From Jodie Abacus' universal message to Misha's return, the Gutter doesn't seem so bad today.

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Jodie Abacus wants to be that friend

Jodie Abacus will release his new single 'I'll Be That Friend' on September 2 through Household Records but leading up to the fall date, he's unveiled a universal video for the song. "By the end of that year I wished I could still have the pneumonia instead of such bad heartache. I was crumbling, sitting in an empty room, just me and a bed and my keyboard. I started playing and crying at the same time. I felt like, if I was looking from the outside at this situation, I would give that person a really, really big hug and say it's all right. That's when I wrote I'll Be That Friend," he said.

G.O.O.D Music's Kacy Hill delivers new video for 'Lion'

Kacy Hill has delivered the first advance track from her debut album which is coming this fall on G.O.O.D Music. 'Lion' was produced by Stuart Price, who has also worked with the likes of Madonna, The Killers, and Missy Elliott. "Lion is one of the most aggressive tracks off the album," said Kacy. "It speaks rather shamelessly about my own tendency to shroud feelings of guilt in defensiveness."

Misha shares new video for 'Optical Illusion of the Heart'

Experimental NYC-based pop band, Misha have unveiled a new video for 'Optical Illusion of the Heart,' which is straight from their highly anticipated second album All We Will Become, which is also their first music in eight years. "For me, the songs on All We Will Become are about the many ways love appears in our lives—from the heady rush to bittersweetness of endings—that cuts across culture. And above all, a celebration of the endless possibilities all around us," says Chao. Watch below.

Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris deliver vibrant visuals for 'Hype'

'Hype' is Dizzee Rascal's first release since his 2013 album The Fifth and he's returned with esteemed collaborator Calvin Harris. The grime pioneer and Grammy winning producer have now delivered colourful visuals to accompany the pulsating tune. Watch below.

Michael Kiwanuka shares live studio performance of 'Cold Little Heart'

Michael Kiwanuka will release his new album Love & Hate this Friday. In anticipation of the July 15 release date, Michael has shared a live studio performance of the record's opening track. "'Cold Little Heart' was the first song I wrote for this album and it helped direct where the music was going," he says. "It's really influenced by classic 60s and 70s British guitar bands like The Who and Pink Floyd, as well as by a lot of soul music, particularly songs like ‘Walk On By’ by Isaac Hayes. Those songs build really slowly and sometimes a vocal wont come in until 5 or 6 minutes but you don’t realise you’ve been sitting and listening for that long because all the instruments are so enticing and so beautifully arranged that they grab your attention and it doesn’t matter that you’re waiting until the vocals come in."

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