So-and-so is releasing a new five-track EP in a few months, your problematic fave dropped a pretty risque new video and that washed up band that no one has even thought of for a good decade now, has decided to reunite and head out on a world tour. These are the things I need to post at a fervent pace, to not only keep up with the over-saturated blogosphere, but to harness the steady stream of emails that will inevitably continue their high-pressured pursuit into my inbox all hours of the day for the remainder of the week, (and probably on the weekend too, depending on the publicist.)

So to combat the rat-race, we're offering a content compromise in the form of our new daily column, Live From The Gutter - an afternoon recap of the day's press releases and the contents of my 405 email.

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Jay IDK hits the London streets for 'Mentality'

DMV-based emcee Jay IDK was born in the UK before moving to the U.S. So he's gone back to his roots to shoot his latest video for 'Mentality.' "I was born in Clapham and I stayed there until I was 2 years old," Jay IDK explains. "The reason why we left is still unknown, my mother passed recently and I never really got clarification. The memories of growing up there are very faint. My mother's sister still lives there. And my biological father as well. Returning was crazy for me, seeing how poverty was so diverse is what stood out the most. Both black people and white people lived in the projects together. In America you never really see that, it's very rare for us."

TOTALLY deliver debut single 'Falling Apart'

Former members of Exlovers and Feathers have teamed up to form a brand new band called TOTALLY and today, they've unleashed their debut single 'Falling Apart.' Hear the new London-based indie five piece's 'Falling Apart' below.

GAIKA streams short film Another Hole In Babylon

Warp artist, Gaika is celebrating the release of his acclaimed SPAGHETTO EP by delivering a new short film starring Zawe Ashton. Another Hole in Babylon covers the same themes Gaika does in his EP - things like love and tension. "The film is about a few interlocking things," he says. "It's human emotion existing within reality. I think a lot of the time in music or art, we live in a fantasy world, and living in that fantasy world and being completely separated from reality, becomes normal, but it’s weird to me. I wanted to try and make something that really shows how I feel, that those things aren’t separate, feelings aren’t abstract from forces. If you take an idea, abstract it, reality can and will still show through. There’s that, and then it’s also about my parents and experiences that they witnessed, in some regard, as truth be told, you can't separate the spaghetti from the sauce. On some level it’s about the world that we live in at the moment too as much as it about people in a Knightsbridge basement in 1975"

Vallis Alps share new single 'Fading'

Talented duo, Vallis Alps are back with a new uplifting track to brighten your day. Hear 'Fading' below. "We wanted to make a song that was about pure joy; those moments where you feel exhilarated and ecstatic. Encapsulating that feeling ended up being harder than we thought, because as humans we are constantly bombarded with the realities of life around us. In the end, we realised that sometimes joy comes from trying to see things in a new way or from a different angle. We want 'Fading' to make people happy; to be an escape from the negativity that surrounds us and a reminder of the beauty that is always present - but sometimes hidden."

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