So-and-so is releasing a new five-track EP in a few months, your problematic fave dropped a pretty risque new video and that washed up band that no one has even thought of for a good decade now, has decided to reunite and head out on a world tour. These are the things I need to post at a fervent pace, to not only keep up with the over-saturated blogosphere, but to harness the steady stream of emails that will inevitably continue their high-pressured pursuit into my inbox all hours of the day for the remainder of the week, (and probably on the weekend too, depending on the publicist.)

So to combat the rat-race, we're offering a content compromise in the form of our new daily column, Live From The Gutter - an afternoon recap of the day's press releases and the contents of my 405 email.

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London based rapper Knucks takes us on a journey to Rome in 'Turnover' video

From London to Rome, UK-based MC Knucks enlisted videographer LX to direct his latest visuals for new single 'Turnover.' Rather than the major sites, Knucks' trip is a more subtle side of the city. "For this song, me and Knucks wanted to create something nothing less than wavy and effortless to match the laidback chilled vibes. The inspiration behind it was just taking it to Rome, sometimes you have to just get away and relax. Enjoy the luxury of life," LX says.

The Raveonettes share new song 'Fast Food'

For their new Rave Sound Of The Month, The Raveonettes have shared their new track, 'Fast Food.' The duo have been releasing a new song every month all year to create their new anti-album and this one is just their latest. Sune Rose Wagner describes her inspiration as, "When you wanna leave somebody because it’s causing you more harm than good but lust is ever-present and it’s impossible to deny."

Zone out to Kauf's new track 'Pacify'

Kauf has released his latest musical offerieng, which comes in the form of 'Pacify,' the lead single to his forthcoming full-length Regrowth that will be out next year. It's chilled out electronic pop with Kauf's wistful vocals coasting over a sea of ephemeral synths and a hypnotic beat.

Ashley Leone is sick of all the 'Talk' on her latest single

Philadelphia born Pop/R&B artist Ashley Leone has released her newest single, 'Talk', a sassy standalone delivery to follow-up her debut EP, SugarCoated. "Talk is about the ones who are literally, all talk, with no substance to their words," says Leone. "I wrote the song after a personal experience I had with someone who would say anything to get what they wanted. But it's just an act over and over again. If you can't be real with someone then just stop talking. Words should speak the truth," she said.

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