So-and-so is releasing a new five-track EP in a few months, your problematic fave dropped a pretty risque new video and that washed up band that no one has even thought of for a good decade now, has decided to reunite and head out on a world tour. These are the things I need to post at a fervent pace, to not only keep up with the over-saturated blogosphere, but to harness the steady stream of emails that will inevitably continue their high-pressured pursuit into my inbox all hours of the day for the remainder of the week, (and probably on the weekend too, depending on the publicist.)

So to combat the rat-race, we're offering a content compromise in the form of our new daily column, Live From The Gutter - an afternoon recap of the day's press releases and the contents of my 405 email.

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THEY's new track is peak Nirvana in all the best ways possible

Everything about THEY's new track 'Rather Die' is pure Nirvana. Not only did the duo sample the band's iconic 'Polly' guitar riff. But they didn't listen to everyone who told them not to. "I've always felt that it’s important for an artist to pay tribute to what first inspired you. We were vibing out on guitar and started playing Polly. Its just one of those riffs that hits you from the first moment you hear it. Before we knew it we have our own song to it. All the business people begged us to change it but we couldn’t bring ourselves to change it. We did what was best for the song and our fans just let it be what it was intended to be, two guys vibing to one of their favorite riffs of all time," THEY said.

FROTH share their first set of visuals for new song 'Contact'

Los Angeles band FROTH have recently signed to Wichita Recordings as they currently work on their third album Outside, which is out on February 10.. The band has also shared the video for first single 'Contact', watch the Riley Blakeway-directed clip here. "I feel like the video does a good job representing the inspiration of the song through a desperate space obsessed man,” says singer/guitarist JooJoo Ashworth of the video. “Riley and I work pretty easy together since we've collaborated several times before and have a lot of overlapping taste so making the video was really fun for me."

SLØTFACE reveal title track from their Empire Records EP

SLØTFACE are soon to release their new EP Empire Records and their teasing it with the project's title track. "It's pretty much a silly song about running away to dusty record stores when you're sick of normal life," explains vocalist Haley Shea. "I've always dreamed about working in a place like Empire Records or Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity. I just think record stores are magical places for people who love music and they make me very happy."

Lucy Rose announces live album and December Library tour

Lucy Rose has announced that she will release her new album, Live at Urchin Studios on December 9 before heading out on a short library tour. The album was recorded in front of a live audience alongside her bandmate Alex Eichenberger. It features songs like 'Like I Used To' and 'Work It Out.' Find forthcoming show dates below.

  • Fri Dec 9 - Idea Store Whitechapel Library, London
  • Sat Dec 10 - Bristol Central Library, Bristol
  • Sun Dec 11 - Liverpool Central Library, Liverpool
  • Mon Dec 12 - Lancaster Library, Lancaster
  • Tue Dec 13 - Barrow Library, Barrow

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