So-and-so is releasing a new five-track EP in a few months, your problematic fave dropped a pretty risque new video and that washed up band that no one has even thought of for a good decade now, has decided to reunite and head out on a world tour. These are the things I need to post at a fervent pace, to not only keep up with the over-saturated blogosphere, but to harness the steady stream of emails that will inevitably continue their high-pressured pursuit into my inbox all hours of the day for the remainder of the week, (and probably on the weekend too, depending on the publicist.)

So to combat the rat-race, we're offering a content compromise in the form of our new daily column, Live From The Gutter - an afternoon recap of the day's press releases and the contents of my 405 email.

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JOEY FOURR is back with psych-pop track 'NEVER 4EVER'

Joey Fourr is already missing summer, so he's unleashed the nostalgic psych-pop song 'Never 4Ever' for those who are feeling the same way. "I feel the lyrics are self explanatory, it was nice not to get lost in metaphors yet not too heavy in realness. The main riff is real silly and fun and i hope you can enjoy listening to NEVER 4EVER," he said.

Anteros share fun new video for 'Ring Ring'

Indie newcomers Anteros have revealed their new fun and ultra-playful video for 'Ring Ring', taken from their second EP 'Breakfast' which is available now on Kissability. "We can’t imagine a life without music now, but it is such an up-and-down path to go down. It constantly feels like you’re sat in a waiting room: you’re waiting to be given a chance, trust or responsibility," they say.

Nils Bech shares a new track 'Please Stay' from his upcoming album Echo

Norwegian avantgarde pop vocalist Nils Bech is releasing his first album for DFA, which is set for release on October 14. Leading up to Echo, we can now hear album cut 'Please Stay,' which he's unveiled today. "The song speaks of the desperation of realising your partner is leaving you. The lyrics in the songs are gibberish repeated over and over again describing the devastation of the one who's left behind. For me the beat represents the anxiety and sorrow turned into anger, and the harmonies the love that has been," he said.

Temples deliver first single from forthcoming album

Temples have delivered their first track to be taken from their forthcoming album, which is set for release next year. Hear 'Certainty' below. "When writing the melody for' Certainty,' I wanted to create something with almost an eerie, early Disney vibe, something playful and harmonious, but with a dark twist. Producing the song was as much about layering as it was about sparseness -- the verses needed to reveal the thumping motion of the bass and the reflective lyrics, and the melody had to be paired with the right ambience. The chorus was approached in an opposite way, layer after layer, thickening the sound. There’s a blend between moog bass, and actual bass, and the song switches between synthetic and analogue sounds throughout. The guitar mirrors the synth, and visa versa," song producer James Bagshaw said.

Watch Cody ChesnuTT's video for 'Bullets In The Streets And Blood'

"Inspired by the alarming gun violence plaguing the cities of America, the song calls attention to the break down of humanity that awaits us all if the value of love and life is not restored," soul singer Cody ChesnuTT says regarding his new video for 'Bullets In The Streets And Blood,' featuring Rahael Saadiq. The song is his first solo release in four years.

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