Australian trio Netsuke have shared with us their latest track 'Mute', the second of three singles to be released this year, ahead of an album scheduled to appear in 2016. Characterised by an enduring series of popping bleeps, like a scattered veil of pastel clouds, the track also features moody minimalist guitars of Netsuke member Danny – shot with reverb, pinging into the void – whilst Elias and Freya provide rich vocal melodies and harmonies. I've already said "clouds" but think too of things like "dream" and "sky" as well as "summer" and "pop" and you begin to get an idea of the merging of ideas within this gently mind-soothing setting.

The band, previously based in Sydney but now located in sunny London, were happy to send us their thoughts behind the track via email:

"Mute is based around a small loop repeated in different forms, both transposed and in retrograde, with lyrics touching on themes of leaving home and loneliness. Composed during our final months in Sydney prior to our move to London, it explores their mixed feelings of apprehension and excitement."

[Fun fact: Netsuke originate from 17th century Japan. Since kimono had no pockets, many people kept small belongings in little boxes called inro; these were fastened by cords, fed under the obi (sash) and held in place thanks to netsuke.]