Label: EP Music Release date: 08/11/10 Link: Myspace London-based but Devon-raised electro-pop group Live Like Lions release their debut single ‘Cecille’, a new offering of stomping, synth pop that really belonged decades before ours. That’s not to say its pointless and outdated – ‘Cecille’ starts off promisingly enough, a slow synth-led intro is joined by a pumping drum machine which really injects a burst of energy into the song. Think of a combination of Hurts and Vampire Weekend and you won’t be far wrong – stop-start, quirky electro-pop. However, the problem is that ‘Cecille’ is incredibly monotonous. The same drum and synthesised keyboard line dominate the song from the start to the finish, and the only deviation comes about two-thirds of the way through when there is a slight breakdown, but even this isn’t particularly interesting, and only twenty seconds long anyway. To be completely honest, this is the kind of track that just passes you by. The promising start does make you sit up and take notice but by the end of the four minutes you’ve forgotten about it and will invariably be cast into the doldrums of music collections around the world. Although saying that, they do have an album coming out soon which may give Live Like Lions the chance they need to redeem themselves. Photobucket