Good news today for small venues and pubs as an estimated 13,000 more venues may be able to put on live music, according to UK Music, as a result of government action to cut down the stifling red tape of licensing that plagues venues of all sizes: Directly working against the stifling 2003 Licensing Act, the Live Music Act permits live music (amplified and unamplified) to be performed in venues with a capacity that is under 200.

In an attempt to boost business in the ailing pub industry, Michael Fallon, the cabinet's Business Minister celebrated the scaling down of "over-the-top bureaucracy that stifles community groups and pubs" and praised the move from a local business perspective. Perhaps what is more interesting and unpredictable is the potential effect that this will have on live music and new artists and whether an increase is small venues will positively encourage musicians to get involved with new and smaller venues or could further saturate the densely populated and long-established traditions of live venues in towns and cities remains to be seen.

While the news will have little impact upon larger and more established struggling venues, the message that the legislation sends out to those involved with small venues and upcoming acts is much more significant and far reaching. More music surely can't be a bad thing, right?