It feels like we're only going backwards sometimes. Retrospectives, reboots, rescorings, reissues and rereleases. How much can we redo? ANYTHING with fans (i.e. actual people; i.e. skin and organs with money).

Starting May 2015 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Back to the Future is being rescreened in various cities throughout the hu-man homeworld for the film's 30th Anniversary. But wait that's not all! Because it's gonna be shown with a live hu-man orchestra present as well, playing the original almost-award-winning score composed by Alan Silvestri, who has also composed an extra 15 minutes of music in celebration of the event.

That's still not all. Silvestri, alongside Glen Ballard, has created the music and lyrics for a musical version of Back to the Future, with the original's screenwriters Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale penning the script. Again scheduled for 2015, it will premiere at London's West End. Gale has said that the musical will be "true to the spirit of the film without being a slavish remake." Thank goodness.

Thinking "what does the soundtrack even sound like"? Or just wanna hear it again? Here's Alan Silvestri conducting an orchestra in Vienna, playing a Back to the Future medley.