3000 miles away from their hometown of Philadelphia, indie act Vacationer amicably graced the Los Angeles stage at the Teragram Ballroom on August 3. Led by the perennially happy-go-luck frontman, Kenny Vasoli, the once sonically described, “Nu-Hula/Word Wave” band performed a solid 16-song set to much enthusiasm. Vasoli performs with a big, infectious smile as if this show was his live debut. It’s contagious to witness and the crowd convivially responded to all of his lightheartedness. With the group’s new album, Mindset, their first in four years, Vacationer find themselves with just that—a whole new mentality. The results are excellent with a display of exceptional growth from their previous two efforts, 2014’s Relief and 2012’s Gone.

The band is in midst of their North American tour this summer, and Los Angeles was around the midpoint of their trek. With Mindset being the alluring, sincere, and completely jubilant record that is, the group devoted a little over a third of their set to those songs. The tropical electronics associated with the dreamlike guitars bestows a lovely summer sentiment that most wouldn’t mind experiencing all season long. Like their previous albums, Mindset sheds light where there is darkness and clears your mind, heart, and soul of the negativity percolating within. Vacationer has always been a band giving the searchers something to search for in the terms of something much greater than their individual selves.

After the wonderful LA-based psychedelic-pop act Sego tore up the stage, Vacationer came on to start things off with ‘Entrance’, the opening track from Mindset. While Vasoli may be a Philadelphia native, his aura screams Southern California. Fervent with a deep sense of warmth, the group radiated with positive spirits right from the beginning. The quartet led into the second track of the night, ‘Paradise Waiting’, which is off their sophomore record, Relief. The track is quintessential summertime jam. Everything from the good-natured lyrics to the upbeat tropical resonance on ‘Paradise Waiting’ yells pure escapism from the world’s perpetual headaches and heartaches.

The audience was charmed by Vacationer’s presence all the way though, humming, singing, and dancing along to the carefree vibes his band were dishing out. Fan favorite ‘Trip’, from debut record Gone, made its welcome appearance; chill and bursting with saccharine beats, Vasoli and his bandmates gave the crowd something to momentarily disappear into. From the latest record, the band also performed the single, ‘Magnetism’. This latest creation swirls with significant elation every step of the way. Finding itself reproducing a 1960’s up-tempo groove, Vasoli introduced ‘Magnetism’ as a “brand-new dance.” This statement came to life as the group sampled a portion of Little Eva’s ‘Loco-motion’ ahead of their latest jam. Moving onward, Vasoli gave a shout out to Sego for being a part of this tour and a band you’ll want to get into early on. His announcement led to dedicating the next song to the group, the aptly titled, ‘Being Here’. The heavenly hazy track displayed flickers of psychedelic-pop with a gentle vocal cadence that soothed minds and hearts. A couple of songs later, the band performed ‘Euphoria’, which Vasoli proclaimed to the crowd as his favorite track.

‘Glimpse’ is summer-soaked, with easy, breezy beats to carry you off to a utopia not found in every day life; that’s how the performance could be defined. In the later part of their set, the band performed ‘In The Grass’—a favorite of mine from them. It’s a divine tune with tight drums and sharp guitars that will have you dancing along to every beat throughout its smooth course. As the set was winding down, Vasoli told the crowd they aren’t into encores and they had a few more tracks to play.

The final three songs included the psychotropic single, ‘Strawberry Blonde’, ‘Turning’, and one of their oldest and most cherished songs, ‘Good As New’. The latter is a wondrous track that allows you to take a look at your own trajectory and know you can start over at any time. The set was warm and lively, but also packed some emotional heft. Vacationer’s performance certainly lifted the spirits of those after a long week of work or whatever else that occupied their time. In the end, isn’t that what going to a concert is all about?