It’s been quite a year for Westerman, catching fire with a succession of new tracks, festival appearances and culminating in a headline UK tour. The London lad returned to the capital with his band for the victory lap of the tour and a homecoming king coronation ceremony in front of a sell-out crowd.

Scene setting for the evening came from Jai and AK Paul’s Paul Institute signing Fabiana Palladino who performed a mesmerising set including the dripping-with-John-Hughes-80s-nostalgia 2018 single ‘Shimmer’ and a stripped back cover of Gwen Stefani’s low-key banger ‘Cool’.

Westerman then emerged on stage in a dazzling sequined jacket that would make Freddie Mercury blush before launching into opener ‘Albatross’. A dodgy mic stand threatened to ruin the illusion of pop star perfection but keyboard player Joe McGrail was lightning on his feet as he leapt to the rescue mid-song.

After styling out the hardware mishap the band played a succession of tracks old and brand new from the forthcoming Ark EP.

The spotlight came out and the band stepped back as Westerman performed the hypnotic ‘Mother Song’ solo before being reunited for a crowd-pleasing ‘Edison’. The newer tracks with the support of McGrail on keys and Nathan Garrity on guitar have given a broader palette for Westerman to paint with and showcase his technical and emotional talents.

The show closed out with the intoxicating ‘Confirmation’ which brought out a mass singalong from the sell-out audience and a fitting conclusion to a fantastic showing.

We caught up with the (Wester-)man himself after he’d staffed the merch table until security kicked everyone out. The crowd’s voice singing ‘Confirmation’ still ringing in our ears, he admitted with his trademark broad grin that this gig just might be the best one yet.

For a man who’s been catching fire throughout 2018, Westerman has never burned as bright as tonight.

Set List

Keep Track
Outside Sublime
I Turned Away
Mother Song
Road to Nowhere
Easy Money