In just over a week, the International Festival of Psychedelia is taking place in Liverpool. To tie in with this year's festival, they've compiled a 'French Psych Out' playlist in partnership with Bureau Export (the French music export office) and the Institut Français:

"It's a stained-glass window on the many and varied psych-tinged delights emerging from France. It includes artists appearing at this year's festival - JC Satan, Forever Pavot, Turzi, Etienne Jaumet and cosmic disco legend Bernard Fevre, aka Black Devil Disco Club - and 2014 alumni Orval Carlos Sibelius and Moodoïd, who here are in the company of another of France's leading lights Melody's Echo Chamber."

It's a dynamic playlist that highlights the varied psych sounds on offer from France. Check out the festival's summary below for a bit of background, settle in and press play. Tickets for Liverpool Psych Fest can be found here.

Moodoïd - 'Le Lac D'Or' Founded by prodigy Pablo Padovani, former touring guitarist with Melody's Echo Chamber, Moodoïd are the creators of last year's rapturous Le Monde Möö. Here, vocal duties are shared by his old mucker Melody Prochet.

Forever Pavot - 'Miguel El Salam' Soundtracky funk and baroque psych melodies, led by keyboard player Emile Sorin, they've put out one superb album so far, Rhapsode, and already gone down a treat at The Great Escape.

JC Satàn - 'Waiting For You' These Franco-Italians are devastating live and have riffs to tear flesh but also prove on their eponymous new album that they're capable of more atmospheric moments too.

Etienne Jaumet - 'La Visite' The title-track of the album released by polymath Jaumet at the beginning of the year. Whether it's on solo work, as half of Zombie Zombie or guesting on numerous other projects, Jaumet never sits still. He's also a walking encyclopedia of French underground music.

Turzi - 'Colombe' Romain Turzi's been ahead of the curve as far as the psych revival goes, through his own music and that released on his label Pan European Recordings. Third album 'C' (you can guess what the first two were called) features swooping, operatic vocals and cinematic arrangements.

Black Devil Disco Club - 'H Friend' An older cut this, from Bernard Fevre's classic Disco Club EP. Of course, it's well known that the French were no slouches when it came to cosmic disco, but Fevre is no relic - as evidenced by his appearance at Psych Fest.

La Femme - 'Saisis La Corde' Their profile in the UK has been rising for the past couple of years, built on their funny, furious live shows, the superb psych-surf-electro-pop Psycho Tropical Berlin album and unforgettable tracks like 'Sur La Planche' and this moodier number.

Aquaserge - 'TVCQJVD' Although their fluctuating line-up has included members of Stereolab Melody's Echo Chamber and Moodoïd, Aquaserge are no frivolous side project but one of the most crucial psychedelic/progressive groups of their generation. TVCQJVD is pretty breezy though, the band at their poppiest.

Orval Carlos Sibelius - 'Archipel Celesta' A gorgeously melodic highlight of the 2013 Super Forma album, his third album and one that saw him burst out of the underground in glorious technicolour.

Marietta - 'Chewing Your Bones' Guillaume Marietta, from the group Feeling of Love, delivers the very definition of skewed pop on this track from his debut album Basement Dreams are the Bedroom Cream, produced by Cheveu's Olivier Demeaux.

NLF3 - 'Rise' Celebrating 20 years of their Prohibited label this year, the former members of seminal French hardcore group Prohibition have long been mining a rich, Kraut-influenced seam.

Steeple Remove - 'Imaginary Girl' The Rouen group's return this year has been extremely timely. Not only is Position Normal (out in the UK later this year) their best sounding record to date, it also confirms them as forebears of the current French scene. 'Imaginary Girl' is the band at their most shoegazy.

Centenaire - 'Somewhere Safe' Previously counting Axel Monneau aka Orval Carlos Sibelius among their members, Centenaire struck out with their heaviest, fuzzily melodic work to date on most recent album Somewhere Safe.

La Terre Tremble!!! - 'Through France' New music is due later this year (and apparently signals a new direction) but this is one of the highlights of the Rennes thre-piece's album 'Salvage Blues', all walloping acid riffs and slow-burn tension.

Disco Anti Napoleon – 'Blue Lawn' Straight out of Nantes, DAN take their cue from classic shoe gaze and their debut album ‘Ascent’ allies walls of reverb to euphoric electronic pulses and bittersweet melodies

Bosco Rogers - 'French Kiss' The poppermost of psychedelic pop, Bosco Rogers are a new duo comprised of Barthélémy Corbelet (who previously put out records as Barth) and Delphinius Vargas.

Flavien Berger - 'La Fête Noir' Signed to Turzi's Pan European Recordings, Berger has been a name on lots of lips this year, thanks to his gently surreal and suave take on motorik pop and unpredictable live appearances.

Dr(Dr)one - 'Something with Cheese' A group featuring jazzer Guillaume Perret and guitarist Peter Combard (and with new album Lyrebird featuring a title-track just shy of 22 minutes long), this harks back to the glory days of France's '70s psych-jazz-rock underground.