Liverpool three-piece Trudy And The Romance, sometimes referred to as simply Trudy, have effectively taken part of the '50s garage aesthetic and taken a headfirst run with it. Scour the band's SoundCloud and you'll quickly get a feel for the trio, revisiting rockability-ish vocal styles with polished-meets-messy guitar play. Those refined exhibits are felt all over again on the band's newest single 'He Sings'.

Tabbed as a "pop stomper," 'He Sings' shifts between West coast garage and minimal dabs of American blues in a very positive rebranding of the era. Guitarist Oliver Taylor particularly molds the ideals of the scene forward, trampled with energy and resolute respect for the style.

Listen to 'He Sings' below and order the 7" single today on B3SCI Records. The single is coupled as an AA-side with 'Wild', available on black vinyl via Bandcamp.