WHY? have featured heavily on the 405 since our inception, so it's always a pleasure to bring you WHY?-related news and new sonic happenings especially when the result is as fluid and becoming as Dream Tiger.

Liz Wolf is the brains behind the project that also has WHY? stablemate Josiah Wolf on drums - as it goes they released a covers EP as a duo in the past that is worthy of your attention. 'a lover's regret' is the first single from the as-of-yet to be released album, though anyone catching WHY? on their extensive upcoming US tour will be able to sample it first as it will be on sale at the shows; with Dream Tiger also supporting.

We've been fortunate enough to hear the album in its entirety and it's a world away from the sounds of WHY?, Wolf's mature yet delicate vocals at times verging into ghostly Esben & The Witch territory, as the whole range of soundscapes mushroom into a savvy alt-pop warped electronica journey. Get 'a lover's regret' now and watch this space for full debut album news.