Portland native and L.A. transplant Lizzy Land trades in earnest, irresistible pop. Always keenly aware that music was her calling, Land was determined to form her own band at 18 by any means necessary, settling on Craigslist.

Surging forward with her approaching debut EP, intro music plays, today Land has shared her second single from the project, 'Call Me'. Lizzy explains the track, "Relationships are hard to maintain, and the older I get the more difficult it is to make time the same way I used to. It’s rare when you can call on someone regardless of long it’s been, and be met with respect and kindness each time. Find and cherish them."

intro music plays, is inspired by Land's love of cinema, which according to her, plays as, "a long scene that touches on one grand emotion." Look out for the EP June 14th, and check out 'Call Me' below.