Lizzyspit is a singer/songwriter based in Clapham, London with an unmistakable charm and innocence. She has a stunning, delicate and pleading voice which she accompanies with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. Her debut album EGGBOX, is full of honesty, sincerity and charm and with enough of life’s harsh realities and experiences with people and life, lets the listener know how Lizzyspit deals with such situations. As Lizzy states “To the boys and girls who have hurt me and the boys and girls I’ve hurt, without you my songs wouldn’t exist”. This is an insight into the person Lizzy is and one that captures the snapshots of experiences that happen to almost everyone throughout life.Written, performed and mixed by Lizzy herself, locked away like a hermit in an egg boxed bedroom (hence the title!), this a raw and beautiful sounding album, one that hopefully shows the dedication to her songs and music that Lizzyspit so obviously has. Lizzyspit is a regular on the gig circuit and you can catch her at the following venues, with many more to be announced as she undertakes a UK venue and radio tour to promote her debut album: October 26th -Live From The Lowry Theatre with BBC Manchester/Blue Cat Cafe, Manchester October 27th - Channel M TV Breakfast show November 3rd - 12 BAR, London November 19th - Hope and Anchor, London For more info check Lizzyspit by visiting her Official MySpace