In a time where gorgeously produced electronic music flies at you from every direction, standing out is and incredibly mean feat. Particularly if, like every other producer trying to edge their way in to the limelight, you don't have a major label behind you to mastermind your musical schemes.

Lockah is one such producer, but one whose deep bass and memorable synth melodies have made enough noise to make at least a few journalists, most notably the Guardian's Paul Lester (he's the one that does new band of the day), pay attention.

The Aberdeen-based producer comma DJ marries distinct bass riffs with lyrical keyboard melodies and adds a healthy dose of drum 'n' bass-inspired percussion with precision and intrigue on his latest EP, Only Built for Neon Nights.

As with many EPs, it's not perfect but the creative use of field samples, taken from recordings of running water and thunder storms, and the prominence of the house influence are enough of a hook that leaves you wanting more. Early standout track 'Young Neon Countach' feels like a peculiar blend of Boards of Canada and Madeon; churning synth leads and deep bass give it that uptempo house feel while chopped vocal samples add some Boards-esque intricacies.

'Let the Cool Air Breeze' offers a little bit of deviation from an otherwise routine EP by throwing in some pitched percussion but by the time the closer, 'Platinum Blonde', rolls around, you have a pretty clear idea of what Lockah is about – deep bass, airy synths and creative production.