London-based singer/songwriter Lola Godheld shows off her stunning vocal and writing efforts to the fullest with her new single 'Can't Pull Me Down'. It's an aggressive, statement-making record produced by Victizzle that echoes the likes on Brandy in the early millennia with a similar futuristic edge to it. "['Can't Pull Me Down'] was inspired by one of my girlfriends, who had a rough time growing up but has been able to turn her life around," Godheld said in a press release. "She always tells me, 'they can't pull me down Lola, I won't let them.' This record is for her and everyone else going through it, to remind you that 'they' can't pull you down unless you let them. Nobody can do anything you don't allow them to do. The power is in your own hands."

Taken from her forthcoming debut EP Black Water - which is due later this summer - expect to hear much more from Lola Godheard in the coming weeks and months ahead.